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Software is supposed to make your work easier. That´s why we specialized in products, which considerably simplify complex workflows thanks to intelligent and operator-friendly software:


Colour separation without detour via PDF - not only from MS Office


EXTIF pro is a Software RIP, which generates colour-separated, exposure-ready image data as CMYK TIFF from all PC-applications. Especially on MS Office documents (*.doc, *.ppt, *.xls, *.html, ...) this new technology of combined direct rastering and colour separation offers considerable advantages concerning colour fidelity, missing fonts and pixelation in comparison to the conventional method via PDF / PostScript. Price: 187 €

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License for Network Shared Version (298 €)

PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine

Generate personalized PDF documents from all PC-programs and directly sent them by email

     Today in the age of Internet, documents can be sent considerably more comfortable and economical by email than by Fax. Worldwide, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has unchallengedly gained acceptance as the standard format for digital documents as such. Now PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine is a so-called PDF converter, i.e. a software, which turns documents of any arbitrary type, e.g. *.doc, *.ppt, *.xls, *.jpg, etc., into PDF. Upon request, PostScope optionally also personalizes your documents by stamping your individual logo onto these documents. Price: 16,71 €

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Providing a local search function for your homepage

LocalSearch searches all pages of your Internet website for keywords, storing all found keywords in a database, which offers the visitors of your website opportunity to query, how often a desired keyword was found on which html-page. LocalSearch displays the search results in the same layout or design, that also the other pages of your website have.

There are four different versions of LocalSearch:

LocalSearch with Advertising Link 41.18
LocalSearch adfree 53.78
LocalSearch de luxe with Advertising Link 66.39
LocalSearch de luxe adfree 78.99

The Advertising Link appears on the result display page only. It advertises for LocalSearch itself, and looks like this:

The base version (non-de-luxe) is suitable for Internet appearencies with and without Framesets. It inserts a button on the webpage, which opens a search page containing an input field for search terms. This page also displays the search results. See examples at http://www.local-search-engine.com.

LocalSearch de luxe allows you to place input field and result display at any spot on your website you like. What had been reserved for websites with php so far, now becomes possible for html-websites - without requiring programming skills, by a few mouse clicks only. Example: The search function for this website, www.DriverLab.de, was generated by LocalSearch de luxe, as well. Just type in any search term, like for instance "Software", in order to find out how many times this word occurs on which html-pages within our website.

Doc2Fax API

Programming Interface with source code for your own Fax application

If you as a programmer intend to offer your clients a tailor-made Fax Software, by which the end user can print his digital documents - for example think of an MS Word *.doc - without fax device, virtually directly into the telephone line, then Doc2Fax API is the solution for you. Price: 830 €.

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PrinTif 9x

Document-to-image printer driver for Windows 9x operating systems

PrinTif 9x is a so-called Virtual Printer Driver, which means: When printing any arbitrary document on PrinTif 9x, the output is not going to be a printed sheet of paper, but an image file in TIFF format on your hard disk. In other words: It provides a snapshot of the entire document at the resolution of your choice. Therefore PrinTif 9x is perfectly suitable for Desktop Publishing, CAD and Document Management. Price: 25,19 €.

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All-in-one office software - ideal for small service providers and self-employeds


Docula takes the terror from document management: Easily manage customer header data, services, goods, tasks / projects and your cashbook. Have 11 different document types from offer up to reminder generated at button press (!) according to user-defined document templates. Price: 57.98 €

English version will be available by spring 2005. See screenshot from the german version here.